Egon is a yard slave in Skandia who is about twenty years old and is well-fed despite his position. He appears in The Icebound Land.


He is part of a gang called The Committee. This committee was set up by Borsa to manage the yard slaves for him. Members of this group are usually well fed and have superiority over the rest of the yard slaves. Will sees him flogging another boy, Ulrich, and steps in to stop Egon from doing it. Egon is angry with Will and has him assigned to the paddles, the most feared and dangerous job a slave can have. He then gets one of the other slaves to give him warmweed, a drug that prevents the user from thinking and is later banned by Erak. Users are mindless and only follow direct orders. Will is thus addicted.

Later, Cassandra approaches him to coax him into letting Will gather things for Erak but later he gets suspicious. Cassandra bribes him. When Skandia realizes the slaves have escaped, Borsa sees what the Committee has to say. Realizing Egon was lying when he said he didn't see or hear anything, Borsa has him flogged.