The Eastern Steppes are vast grasslands.

The Eastern Steppes are a vast set of barren plains far east of Araluen. It doesn't appear on Araluan maps. 

The Steppes are the homeland of the Temujai. It is this worlds equivelent to Mongolia


The Eastern Steppes are huge wind-swept grasslands. There are almost no trees, and its inhabitants have to migrate around with their cattle in order to get enough food.

The Steppes are probably close to Ursali and the Middle Kingdoms, as they were conquered by the Temujai.


Though the Eastern Steppes are ruled by the Temujai, most of the Steppes are abandoned. The Temujai only live in a few (small) cities and along the ancient migration-routes. Their law only extends further when they gather an army to attack a foreign realm. 


  • Halt spent some time with the Temujai learning their ways. They taught him how to make a recurve bow, and when he left, he ungratefully stole some of their well-trained, hardy horses which were used in the breeding programs of the Ranger horses
  • The Eastern Steppes are probably based on the Mongolian and Turkoman deserts, as these are also huge grassy plains and many conquering peoples came from these lands.  
  • The name comes from Genghis Khan’s real name, Temüjin