Several dogs appear throughout the course of the series.

List of DogsEdit

  • Shadow: Border Collie. Mother of Ebony, she was named by Trobar. Will reluctantly gave Shadow to Trobar, recognizing the strong bond that had formed between them. After, Trobar tells Will that if Shadow ever has pups, he will have pick of the litter.
  • Ebony: Border Collie. At the ending of Halt's Peril, Will returned to the Healer's Clearing with Malcolm. Trobar revealed that Shadow had pups and honors their agreement; Will chose Ebony. She is believed to be the mother of Sable.
  • Sable: Border Collie. She appears in "The Royal Ranger" and is not described in much detail, however she is presumably Ebony's daughter and is Will's new dog.

Tracking DogsEdit

Tracking dogs are trained to use their canine sense of smell to track and locate people or objects for their masters.

War DogsEdit

War dogs are trained to attack people. These dogs are very aggressive. They would be large and well-muscled, as well as trained to respond to attackers, rather than the master they serve.

Hunting DogsEdit

These dogs hunt down boar, drawing it out of shrubs or caves, then drive it towards their human hunters. These dogs are very aggressive as well.