The diplomats are responsible for the handling of important legal documents written up by the Scribes. They tend to be very polite and have almost endless patience. They have a special code, the Courier's Code, which is also known by the Ranger Corps. Although diplomats are normally men, Pauline convinced Baron Arald to start having women as diplomats. 


The Diplomatic Corps is responsible for not only the handling of the Scribes legal documents, but also negotiation with other countries, forging of treaties, and general parlaying. They travel to foreign countries to meet with the rulers and the diplomats, and create friendships and alliances on behalf of their country. They are looked to as evoys of the King of Araluen, and as such, they will not be ransomed, but will be avenged with terrible force. Even threatening a Courier is a heavily punishable offense. A very important duty of the diplomats it to act as third parties in negotiations between two countries that distrust each other, but both trust Araluen, as Alyss did for Toscano and Arrida in The Emperor of Nihon-Ja.


Main Article: Courier Training The training of the Diplomatic Corps is said to be every bit as tough as Ranger training. They are trained to be patient, diplomatic, and to make their point succinctly. Couriers are also trained to keep a straight face, a steady composure, and a cool and level head, even in the face of danger. In addition, the Couriers are trained to fight with daggers, some using a ceremonial needlepoint design, some, like Alyss, using a heavy-bladed fighting dagger. Some also train with other weapons, like the sword.

Another important ability of the Couriers is the ability to disguise themselves. A Courier always carries a disguise kit with them, including hair coloring, skin dye, and other clothes. However, Couriers are trained to go undercover, taking on the appearance of another person without being caught. This means extensive training in voice, stride, stance, appearance, bearing, and mannerism mimicking, and extensive study of the person to be impersonated, not only physical traits, but how they would react in situations so that plausible reactions can be made while undercover.

Known DiplomatsEdit