Cielema is introduced in Erak's Ransom, and is the wife of Koresh Bedullin Aseikh, Umar i'bn Talud.


Erak's RansomEdit

Cielema cares for Will after his close to death experience in the Arrida desert and saves his life from her husband's wrath when he tries to kill Will. Umar attacked Will when Will shot an arrow a few centimeters away from Umar's grandson. Umar thought Will was showing off his marksmanship when really Will saved Umar's grandson, Faisal, a second before a poisonous sand cobra bit the child. Cielema is furious with her husband, but when she sees Will bears no hard feelings, she grudgingly withholds her anger.


Cielema is an exceptional cook, quite beautiful despite her 40 years, and many love her for her motherly attitude. Cielema has a stern and independent hand with her husband, he may be the leader of the tribe, but she is also respected as a wise and skilled leader.