Chainmail 1

Chainmail shirt.

Chainmail is the secondary armor layer of the Araluen Knights and the primary layer of armor of the men-at-arms.


Chainmail is made of interwoven links (small circlets) of tempered steel. It provides admirable protection against the cut, but not against the thrust, or against blunt force or large weapons like broadswords and battleaxes. The finest mail is made from links that are alternately welded and riveted together, with lower-quality mail having all its links riveted together. It is often leather-backed for strength, protection, and noise reduction. As it is made of steel, the weight slows the wearer down, which is why the Araluen battleschools train their apprentices to fight in chainmail from the beginning.


Chainmail is worn under plate armor by knights, and as the primary armor of men-at-arms. It can be made into coats, pants, gloves, and coifs, to protect the torso, legs, hands, and head, respectively.