Ch'ren is a Tem'uj who appears in the Battle For Skandia.


Ch'ren is son of a high-ranking official and is serving under At'lan, commander of a scouting party in Skandia. It is common for young nobles to serve a year as common soldiers before being promoted to the rank of an officer.

There is a great deal of antagonism between him and At'lan because Ch'ren believes his current commander to be socially inferior to him and therefore dislikes taking orders from him.

Ch'ren captures Cassandra on a whim when he sees the girl setting a trap in the forest. This makes At'lan angry and he tells Ch'ren to kill the girl; he refuses to purely to anger the sergeant.

It is unsure whether he was killed during the skirmish in the woods when Halt and Horace rescue Cassandra and Will.