The walls are made of Ironstone, witch makes them look red

Castle Redmont is the castle from which Baron Arald rules Redmont Fief.


The ironstone of the walls glows red in low light, and the castle was therefore named Red Mountain, or Redmont.


Castle Redmond is triangular, with three outer walls and three outer towers, facing to the west and positioned on top of a hill. Inside of the walls are the yard and keep, inside of which are the private apartments of senior officers and the Baron himself.

The castle is built from ironstone, a nearly-indestructible rock that glows red in dawn and dusk.

The castle is surrounded by the Tarbus River, across which is a wooden bridge that can be lifted in order to make the Tarbus a primary barrier.

Ranger Garrison

The Rangers stationed at Castle Redmont are Will and Halt with Ranger Gilan coming in to replace them when they are sent on missions taking them outside Redmont Fief.