Carney is a bandit who appears in The Burning Bridge. His partner in crime is a fellow bandit named Bart. They are captured by Gilan and then left tied up and in their breeches when the travelers move on.

Description Edit

Carney is described as heavily bearded and unkempt, dressed in a strange mixture of clothes, with some tattered and threadbare, but others new and luxurious. He wears a scarlet hat with a bedraggled feather, and carries a long, jagged, and nicked sword. Like Bart, he is overconfident and unskilled. 

History Edit

Bart and Carney decided to come to Celtica after hearing about it through the thieves' grapevine. After hearing about the missing Celts, the pair decided to take advantage of the situation by stealing from the empty homes. 

The Burning Bridge Edit

Bart and Carney catch Will and Horace by surprise when they interrupt their spar. Horace takes the two on with his sword and the practice stick and quickly beats them. Will tries to help partway through, but Gilan, who had arrived unseen, stops him. 

After the bandits have been defeated, Gilan interrogates Carney as to their presence in Celtica. Although he initially tries to cover up their theft, Gilan intimidates him into telling the truth. He also inadvertently reveals the location of their secret stash. The interrogation is interrupted by the arrival of Cassandra, in the disguise of Evanlyn

Carney tried to crawl away while they were distracted, but Gilan stops him. They two are tied up, and given only a small amount of provisions. Similarly, they are not given blankets to use in the night. 

The next morning, Horace breaks Carney's sword and Gilan throws Bart's cudgel into the ravine. Gilan has them strip down and throw their bundled clothes and boots into the ravine. He eventually relents, however, and tells Will to cover them with a horse blanket. The group splits up, leaving the bandits behind. Their fate is unknown, although Gilan tells Will they will eventually escape their bonds.