Caleb MacFrewin is the Scotti worlord from Picta in charge of the campaign against Castle Macindaw


The Siege of MacindawEdit

Caleb MacFrewin was the commander of an full scale invasion of the Norgate Fief in Araluen. He was in charge of 200 men from the clans of MacFrewin, MacKentick, and MacHaddish. He had apparently struck a deal with Sir Keren to hand over Castle Macindaw. Caleb then sent General MacHaddish to strike a final deal with Keren before Caleb and the 200 Scotti arrived to take the fort.The plan once Macindaw was taken was to use it as a base and bring more men in to take over Norgate then send raids into the rest of Araluen.

However, MacHaddish was captured and Caleb's plan revealed. In addition to this, Will, Horace and a group of Skandians under Gundar Hardstriker took the castle from Keren. A relief force from Norgate under Sir Doric arrived and provided backup for Macindaw. Once Caleb learned of MacHaddish failure, he most likely pulled back and abandoned the Norgate invasion.


  • Although Caleb MacFrewin did not make an actual appearance, he was mentioned by General MacHaddish during the interrigation Malcolm devised in The Siege of Macindaw.