A broadsword is a massive sword, usually wielded with two hands though can be used with one, like Morgarath did when he fought from horseback. Morgarath used one in his fight with Horace, and Baron Arald used one against the Kalkara.

Albion Tyrolean Medieval Two-handed Sword (9824132103)

A broadsword's hilt, designed to be used for powerful two-handed strokes.


As with most well forged swords, the broadsword would have been well balanced. It would've most likely been made of steel or a similar metal. It would have had a handle long enough for two hands, but could be used with one, depending on the situation, or the style of the weapon itself. The handle would have been wrapped in leather or another material of the sort, and the hilt would have had a pommel (as with all swords) to balance the weapon or decorate it.

Trivia Edit

Horace used broadswords in battle.