There are many unique fictional and real breeds in Ranger's Apprentice, including at least four subspecies of horse, two subspecies of dogs, a unique breed of bird and one breed of snake.


There are five main breeds of horse in the Ranger's Apprentice series.

Ranger HorsesEdit

One is the Ranger horse, which is a breed similar to those used by the Temujai riders. They are similar to the Temujai horses, except that they have a much higher level of training, and, as a biproduct, higher intelligence. This is the result of them being bred with other breeds of horse. (Due to the different breeding a few differences between the two breeds means that the Ranger horse may be more similar to the Irish Connemara Pony, known for being good in disposition, hardy and athletic.)  
Connemara stallion

a Connemara pony

Temujai HorsesEdit

They are small, shaggy, and have an incredible amount of endurance. (These horses ara based off of Mongolian horses that are revered for their stamina and strength. They were famously used by the Horde of Genghis Kahn.) 

Mongolian Horse, similar to a Temujai horse.


Battlehorses were used in Araluen, Gallica, and many other areas modeled after feudal Europe. They have massive strength, massive size, and low stamina. They are temperamental and proud, having a middling to high amount of training, and average to high intelligence. (These horses are based off of the medieval breeds; Palfrey, Destrier, Courser and Rouncy. Horace's Kicker is likely one of these breeds.)

Arridi HorsesEdit

The third breed of horse is the Arridi breed, which is smaller and finer lined than most horses and is capable of incredible bursts of speed over short distances. They are trained to survive in the desert, and have incredible water and food discipline. 

an Arabian Horse, similar to the ones used by the Arridi.

Pack PoniesEdit

The last breed of horse is the standard pack pony, common to all areas. It carried Will and Evanlyn up the mountain during their escape from the Skandian capitol, and it carried Will's belongings on his arrival to Seacliff Fief.


There are three kinds of dogs mentioed in Ranger's Apprentice.

One of the dogs in Rangers Apprentice is the border shepherd, it is an incredibly intelligent dog, with black and white coats, with a tendency toward different colored eyes. They were breed in northern Araluen, as cattle herders.

The other form of dog in Ranger's Apprentice is the war dog with low intelligence, cruel cunning, and very powerful bodies. Their coat color varies, but all are breed for short fur, powerful jaws, and huge bodies. They are abused often to make them aggressive, and trained to move silently. They appear in the Kings of Clonmel, and again in the Roamer's camp in the Lost Stories.

The third breed of dog mentioned in the series were the hunting dogs used to hunt boar. Similar to war dogs, they wer traied to ferret boars out of thier hide-aways and into the waiting circle of spears outside.


The most commonly mentioned variety of bird in the books are a form of carrier pigeon, called a messenger pigeon. They go between their last two places of rest, and carry messages while it travels. These exist in real life, and were often used to deliver military information in the World Wars.

Another mentioned bird is the kingfisher, which Halt uses as a signal to Abelard in The Kings of Clonmel.


The unique snake in Ranger's Apprentice is known as a sand cobra. It is native to Arridi, and its poison is fatal to animals up to the size of a horse. It strikes 1.5 seconds after it rears. It is well camouflaged, and hides under bushes, and by small ponds.