Borsa is the Hilfmann of the Skandians.


He was at first hilfmann to Oberjarl Ragnak, but after Ragnak was killed in the battle with the Temujai he became hilfmann to Erak, who was the next voted Oberjarl. Despite the fact that Erak didn't really like Borsa, the Skandian warrior recognized the man's worth as an accountant and kept him on. He formed The Committee to help him manage the yard slaves.

The Icebound LandEdit

Borsa appears in this book, assigning Evanlyn to work in the Great Hall and Will to work as a yard slave. Later, he is seen ordering the men hunting for the escaping Will and Evanlyn to return. He goes to The Committee to question Egon and orders his flogging when he lies to him.

Oakleaf BearersEdit

In the beginning of the book, Borsa is seen with Ragnak who orders Erak to persuade Sten Hammerhand to pay Ragnak his taxes.


  • Will is a little antagonistic towards Borsa due to the fact the hilfmann assigned him to the yard in The Icebound Land.