The Battle of the Uthal-Plains
Morgarath and his army of Wargals, betrayers and Skandian mercenaries.
King Duncan and the Royal Araluen Army, the Royal Araluen Knight Division and the Ranger Corps.
Around 10000 Wargals, 500 Skandians and 100 betrayers. 10600 soldiers in all.
Around 5000 foot soldiers, 750 Knights on horses, 500 archers from the fiefs and 50 Rangers. 6300 troops in all.
Morgarath, around 2000 Wargals and 125 Skandians and 32 betrayers dead or wounded.
Around 375 soldiers and knights dead or wounded.
The Araluens won the Battle.

The Battle of the Uthal-Plains was the last battle in the Second Araluen Civil War, and also the one that decided who won. On the one side stood the treacherous Lord Morgarath, his army of Wargals and groups of Skandian mercenaries and betrayers, and on the other side stood King Duncan with the Araluen Army and the Royal Araluen Knights. The Plains of Uthal were the site of the battle.

The battle was fought out in a normal way untill the armies became stalemates.The Araluen infantry fought the Wargals and Skandians in fierce close combat.The infantry,cavalry and knights held out for a while.The cavalry Of Araluen held out against repeated enemy charges.Lord Morgarath then challenged the Ranger Halt, who had been the reason of Morgarath's defeat in the First Araluen Civil War, to dual him. Halt disagreed, but the battleschool-trainee and to-be Knight of the Oakleaf Horace accepted the challenge for Halt. He dualled Lord Morgarath, defeated him and killed him. After only ten seconds the Army of Araluen cheered wildly.The Wargals freed from Morgarath's mind control then fled back to the Mountains of Rain and Night and the Second Araluen Civil War was over.