Battle of the Palisade
Good Commanders
Evil Commanders
General Todoki, Unnamed Senshi Captain†
Good Number
100 Kikori, 40 Senshi
Evil Number
100 Senshi

The Battle of the Palisade was a battle in the fortress of Ran-Koshi between Arisaka's scout band led by Todoki and the allies of the Emperor Shigeru.


Arisaka's Senshi charged forward with scaling ladders. Kikori men waited for them to climb up, then threw spears and rocks at the climbers or pushed the occupied ladders over. Arisaka lost numerous men in that first failed assault.

The captain of Arisaka's force now saw the weakened section of the gates. He rushed over there, gathering up scattered senshi here and there, and they began an assault against the gate. In a few short minutes it went down, and the Kikori on that part of the wall fled, seemingly in panic. The cheering Senshi attackers rushed forward, but a newly built, lower wall impeded their progress. There was no way out but back the way they had come, and that was blocked by the Senshi behind them. Selethen's plan now came into effect, and an incredible mass of rocks and wood tumbled down on the Senshi attackers. Those who survived the avalanche fled in panic. 30 Senshi died in that assault, and that night, the snow fell.