Halt Carrick Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Siege of Macindaw.

Battle of Macindaw
Lord Keren's bandits and thieves:
Araluans, Skandians and the group of the Healer:
Around 50 soldiers
Around 35 soldiers
Around 15 soldiers dead or wounded
Around 10 soldiers dead or wounded
Macindaw wallpaper

Horace and Will framed against Castle Macindaw

The Battle of Macindaw was the siege of Castle Macindaw in Norgate Fief. The guards of the castle had been replaced by thieves and bandits by the corrupt, self-decleared leader of the castle, Lord Keren. He had the intention to help the Scotti take over Araluen. The diplomat Alyss is taken hostage by him and when the Ranger Will helps the real leader of the castle, Lord Orman, to flee to the Grimsdell Forest, he starts to make a plan to free her. 

When Will gets help from the healer Malcolm, his friend Horace and a group of Skandians under the command of Gundar Hardstriker, he decides to attack. With a trick including a cart, Will plans to infiltrate the castle and get the Skandians in, and when they kill the lieutenant of the guard, John Buttle, Will confronts Keren and frees Alyss. The battle is a victory for the Araluans and the Skandians.