Battle of Maashava
Bedulli and Arridi
Around 100 soldiers and some cavalry.
Around 230 soldiers and some cavalry, plus help from Araluen.
At least 45 soldiers dead or wounded.
At least 30 soldiers dead or wounded.
Bedulli and Arridi won the Battle.

The Battle of Maashava was a fight in Arrida, in the city of Maashava. The Tualaghi, who had occupied the city, fought against an army of Arridi and Bedulli. The Arridi got help from a group of Araluans, consisting out of Halt, Will, Gilan, Horace and Princess Cassandra. There were also three Skandians involved in the battle, of which one fought on the side of the Tualaghi and the other two fought for the Arridi.

The Bedulli were led by Umar, the Arridi were led by Selethen and the Tualaghi were led by Yusal. The battle was a victory for the Bedulli and Arridi, who captured Yusal and brought him to a prison in Mararoc.