Barrows are ancient burial sites in Araluen.

There are a few of them in the sparsely populated areas in Araluen and folk generally stay well clear of them due to the idea that they are haunted.

Nobody is to sure who is buried in the Barrows but people believe that they were built by some ancient race that died out long ago.
Bronkham Hill barrow cemetery, Dorset


Halt's PerilEdit

In Halt's Peril Will has to ride through some of them on his way to Castle Macindaw, they are located on top of a bare hill and form irregular shapes.  

Will stays there for some sleep but is woken up when he senses a pressence nearby, however he can see no one, at that point he makes a quick decision to leave as all his senses are tingling.  As he rides away it says: "in the darkness the ancient, invisible presence that inhabited the hill slipped silently back to its resting place satisfied that another interloper had moved on."

The Royal RangerEdit

In the Royal Ranger, barrows ae mentioned, most notably, by Madelyn (Maddie ) to scare a child into running to escape slavers, telling her than a barrow wight will come out of the barrows to get her. What she had called barrows were simply small hills, though.

The Lord of the RingsEdit

Barrows are mentioned in the Lord of the Rings series, in which barrow-wights actually exsist and attempt to lull passesrsby into a forever-sleep beneath the earth.