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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Lost Stories.

Baron Douglas appears in The Inkwell and the Dagger.


He is the Baron in charge of Highcliff Fief where FoldarMorgarath's lieutenant, has been rumored to have appeared. Ranger Gilan sets off to this fief to investigate and, hopefully, track down and imprison Foldar.

Once there, the Ranger meets the Baron and the seneschal, Philip.

At the end of the story Gilan discovers that either the Baron or Philip had been in league with Foldar and Morgarath. At first it appears that Phillip is responsible for this crime due to the fact he kept sneaking off and had a nervous look about him at times and he'd also been spotted going into the treasury with a white sack. Gilan however realizes that it wasn't Philip responsible and this is confirmed when the seneschal says that he was just re-paying money he owed the Baron in secret from gambling.

It is revealed that the Baron was in league with Foldar. He lunges for a dagger, in a desperate attempt to fight his way out but Philip sees this and throws ink from and inkwell into the Baron's face. Gilan quickly draws his sword and puts the Baron at sword-point, ready to escort him to await trial at Castle Araluen. He was then trialed and jailed.


Douglas is noted to be overweight and balding.


  • It is possible that he was one of or was related to one of the barons who tried to claim the crown as Morgarath was on good terms with most of them, and he supported many of them, so this could be considered as returning the favour.