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An axe is an weapon from The Brotherband Chronicles, but it also exists in real life. It is used for chopping and cleaving. 

It is the favourite weapon of most Skandians. They use it when raiding foreign coasts. 


An axe is basically a stick with a sharp blade on it. It's further appearance depends on the kind of axe it is:

  • One-handed axe. This kind has a short stick and a small blade. As the name suggests, the user is able to wield it using one hand. This makes it able to also carry a shield for protection. Due to this, it is most used on the battlefield. 
  • Two-handed axe. This kind has a longer stick and a larger blade. It is wielded using two hands, and it heavy enough to kill a man in one (strong) hit. It is most used in duels. 
  • Working axes are tools. They are used for chopping wood and planks and are a bit smaller than war axes.