At'lan appeared briefly in the Battle For Skandia .


He was a Temujai sergeant with years of experience and is the leader of a scouting party which fights it's way into Skandia, killing the guards at Serpent's Pass.

There is a great deal of tension between him and a younger man, Ch'ren who is the son of a high-ranking official back in the Eastern Steppes and is serving a year as a common soldier before being promoted to the rank of an officer. This galls At'lan who knows that despite his years of experience and hard work he will never get past the rank he is now. In turn Ch'ren dislikes taking orders from a man he considers to be his social inferior.

When Ch'ren captures Evanlyn At'lan orders him to kill her, Ch'ren refuses, just to anger the sergeant. At'lan slaps Ch'ren across the face then starts towards Evanlyn who is bound to the foot of a tree to kill her.

Will, who had been tracking Ch'ren, suddenly steps out of cover where he'd been hidding and shoots the sergeant in the arm with the low-power hunting bow he'd been carrying. At'lan quickly turns his attention to Will who desperatly tries to shoot him but to no avail as the bow isn't powerful enough to cause any major damage. Suddenly, Halt appears and kills At'lan.