A map of Aslava.

Aslava is a country on the western part of the Continent. It borders Alpina in the north and Toscano in the west. Aslava is also connected to the Sea of Rostov in the south. Its easternmost border isn't shown on the world map, although we can assume that is also borders to the Eastern Steppes and thus the Temujai in the east.  


The name Aslava probably comes from the word Slav, the name given to a people coming from the Asian steppes around 450 A.D. It is therefore likely that Aslava is based on the (southern) states they founded, such as Bulgaria, Bosnia and Serbia. 


Aslava was once part of the Romonov Empire based in Rovo, Toscana. Once however when Rovo fell in 189 to the Teuts, Aslava claimed independence from their Arridi/Teut masters. Today though, they are at pressure with Toscana.


  • Although this isn't mentioned, it can be assumed that the Aslavans have trade with the Toscanans and Arridi via the Sea of Rostov. 
  • Aslava hasn't been visited by any major characters yet.
  • The people of Aslava probably have their own language, but would be familiar with Toscan, Temuj, and other languages of trade. 

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