Possible design of an Arridi saber (sabre).


Tualaghi raider holding an Arridi saber

The Arridi saber is the main hand-to-hand weapon of the Arridi military, the Bedullin, and the Tualaghi.


The Arridi saber is the main close-quarters-combat hand-to-hand weapon of all factions of Arrida. It is a curved sword, ranging from three-quarters of a meter to a meter long, with a single sharpened edge. It has a typical hilt, pommel, and crossguard, however, the blade is somewhat abnormal. It starts out thinner at the hilt, grows in width until about two-thirds of the way down the blade, and the back edge scoops in and both edges meet at at slightly offset point.

The Arridi Saber is used with fast, slashing attacks instead of raw power. However, an experienced swordsman can put frightening power behind blows with it. It is seemingly an easy weapon to adapt to, as Horace, Gilan, and Erak all adapted to it in a few seconds, albeit Erak with a much larger version that matched his huge physical size and strength.