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The Arridi Broadsword has one sharp curved side for slashing.

The Arridi broadsword is the broadsword version of the Arridi Saber.


Just like the Arridi saber, it is a single-edged sword, made mainly for slashing attacks, as well as hacking, in the case of the broadsword. It is normally nearly a meter and a half long, with a two-handed hilt and a large pommel. The blade is configured the same way as the Arridi saber, thin at the hilt, widening until two-thirds of the way down, then the back side scoops in to meet the blade at a slightly offset point.

the steel itself is based on Damascan Steel Which, similarly to the Japanese Katana, was folded multiple times to achieve a harder steel, but also a more flexible steel away from the blade, to stop it shattering