Arridi armor is the primary armor of the Arridi military.


Arridi armor was created with the desert climate, heat, and general desert living in mind. As such, it is very light, with few all-metal pieces. The chestplate is leather studded with metal, not all metal like most militaries use, aside from the Temujai and Skandians, as the Temujai use matal-studded leather vests and the Skandians use sheepskin. The helmet is a simple acorn-style all-metal helmet, with a spike on top, but is worn on top of a turban to protect the wearer's head from the heat of the metal, which would become very hot in the desert sun. The helmet has a curtain of chainmail hanging from it, to protect the neck at the sides and back. A small hand shield, made of brass, with a spike in the middle completes the armor.