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Araluen is an island nation where the majority of the books take place. It is this world's equivalent medieval England and its surrounding countries (notably, its fifty fiefs could be related to the fifty states of America).


Araluen is an island off the coast of a major continent. To the north is the land of Picta, home of the wild Scotti tribes. In the southwest corner is the country of Celtica, an ally of Araluen. East of Celtica and South of Araluen is the plateau known as Morgarath’s Plateau. This is where Morgarath spent the years before The Ruins of Gorlan gathering forces. Hibernia is an island west of Araluen. To the East of Araluen is The Narrow Sea, and to the South and West is the Endless Ocean. Many other countries such as Arrida, Gallica, Teutlandt, and Alpina are situated across the Narrow Sea.

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Araluen was established over 150 years before the events of Ruins of Gorlan by King Herbert who is known as the father of modern Araluen after he drove the Scotti out of Araluen and back into Picta. He organized the country into 50 fiefs, each one ruled by a baron. Herbert also established the Ranger Corps as the kingdom's intelligence force and assigned a Ranger to each fief.

Government Edit

Araluen is ruled by a Monarch, with each baron reporting directly to them. There is one baron ruling each of the fifty fiefs, with the notable exception of Gorlan fief. However, Gorlan fief has people still living in it and is under the rule of the Baron of Redmont.

Each fief is assigned one Ranger, who will report the abilities and competence of the Baron and craftmasters to the Monarch. The Rangers answer only to the Monarch and are generally considered of equal rank to a baron.

Additionally, each fief has their own craftmasters, who will train apprentices in their specific craft. With the exception of Rangers, craftmasters are to think of the baron of the fief they live in as their boss. All fiefs have a battlemaster, who is in charge of training new knights, and a kitchenmaster, who is the cooks for the fief’s main castle.

Currency Edit

In Araluen, the form of currency is Gold, Silver, and Copper. They are referred to, respectively, as a gold royal, a silver crown, and a copper pennig. They are rarely discussed in the series, so little is known about them and their individual value. However, in The Roamers, it is mentioned that ten copper pennigs are equal to one silver crown. For international affairs, the silver reel is used.


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Araluen is generally a peaceful and respected country, with several treaties in place. Notable treaties are with Celtica, Skandia, and Arridia. However, Araluen is known to have ongoing conflicts with some Scotti tribes. As Araluen is a highly trusted country they have sent Rangers and diplomats to other countries to aid in justice and peacemaking. Rangers from Araluen also supported the Skandians when the Temujai attacked them. This turned the countries from enemies to allies.


In times of war, Araluen can call on the skill of its warrior knights, trained in the Battleschools attached to the various fiefs. Most knights are trained in Battleshools from fifteen years of age. The training is vigorous and highly disciplined, though in some fiefs it may become slack. It is then up to the Rangers to ensure that the disciplinary standards are met. This is one of the reasons why it is so important for Rangers to be independent from the barons and report only to the king.

However, the bulk of the army is made up of soldiers, generally farmers who aren't especially skilled in fighting, and are only called upon during times of war. Some soldiers are put into Archer Units, made up of an archer and a spearman, each protecting the other.

There is also the Royal Scouts, responsible for training archers and scouting ahead of the army. The Ranger Corps, made up of fifty highly trained Rangers, skilled in archery, camouflage, and unseen movement, can also be called upon for service, although their skills are less suited for open combat and more for gathering information and going on missions separate from the main army.