An Apprentice is a trainee learning from a master craftsman in order to enter their trade. In Araluen, apprentices are normally chosen when they are fifteen. Parents usually influence the decision, but in cases of wards, who have no parents, they undergo a process known as The Choosing. If a ward fails to be accepted as an apprentice, they will be sent to work on a farm, though this is a rare occurrence.

Known Crafts Edit

  • Armorer: trains apprentices to create armor.
  • Battleschool: trains apprentices to become knights.
  • Blacksmith: trains apprentices to create weapons.
  • Chefschool: trains apprentices to cook.
  • Diplomatic Corps: trains apprentices to become diplomats.
  • Horseschool: trains horses, particularly battlehorses for knights.
  • Ranger Corps: trains apprentices to become Rangers.
  • Scribeschool: trains apprentices to become scribes or attorneys.

Notable Apprentices Edit