Anslem fief is a fief in Araluen. It is mentioned in The Royal Ranger, as the place where Alyss died. Little is known about it.

Geography Edit

As Alyss was returning to Redmont from a diplomatic mission in Celtica, Anslem is known to be a south-western fief.

History Edit

The criminal Jory Ruhl had been operating in the fief, kidnapping children and ransoming them to the villages they came from, effectively stealing every villager's money all at once. It is unknown how many criminals were involved.

As it is part of the Kingdom of Araluen, it would've had a Ranger who operated within it. It is unknown why this Ranger was not mentioned (or possibly not present) at the fire that killed Alyss, or if they had been doing anything to stop Ruhl, or if he had been killed by him.
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A fire similar to the one at the inn.

Alyss' DeathEdit

Alyss died in Anselm Fief while she was returning from a diplomatic mission to Celtica, encountering Jory Ruhl and his men, the criminals set fire to an inn to cover their escape. Alyss was safe outside the inn when she saw a young child inside, disregarding her own safety, Alyss saved the child, but was trapped inside the inn.