Alseiass is the fictional "golden god" of The Outsiders. Tennyson, the main antagonist of The Kings of Clonmel and Halt's Peril, claimed to be Alseiass' prophet. The Outsiders moved from country to country, claiming that Alseiass could protect the residents from bandits if they praised him used all of their gold to create an altar at which to worship him. However, Tennyson and his inner circle who knew about the scam would hide the gold under the altar, which was wood coated with a thin gold veneer. When an area or town had given all of their gold to Tennyson as "offerings," and they had nothing left, the Outsiders would take it all and move on during the night, to the next town and rob them as well.

Tennyson would hire bandits to burn the barns and crops of a village, kill farm animals and eventually people to scare them. The Outsiders and Tennyson would then arrive, offering the help of Alseiass, and "demonstrate" their power by calling off the bandit attacks gradually as more gold was donated to the altar. Alseiass' enemy, Balsennis, is the fictional "evil god" that supposedly leads the bandits to do what they do.