The houses in Al Shabah are made of white-washed stucco.

Al Shabah
was a trading town in Arrida. It is where Erak was captured by Selethen, the Wakir of the area. Not much is said of it but a lot of educated guesswork can be done. It is probably the capital of the province that Selethen controls because when Svengal arrives back in Al Shabah Selethen comments that he had not expected them for quite some time but he was still present there.


Al Shabah is a main trading city in Arrida and probably one of the largest. It is at the gateway of the Constant Sea and ships resupply, refit as well as trade there on their way from the Southwest Islands in the Endless Ocean to the ports in the Constant Sea. It is aruguably very rather rich, successful because its coffers were full enough to need to be relocated to Mararoc and that of all places Erak chose to sail all the way south to Arrida and then chose Al Shabah as his raid's victim.


The Arridi, contrary to the Tualaghi and Bedullin who also dwell in Arrida, dwell in large settlements and towns and aren't nomadic. As such all the buildings in Al Shabah were made of a white-washed stucco and the wall that surrounded the town had room at the top for sentries and two gates; one facing the sea and the other facing inland. The surrounding wall was made of stucco little more than two meters high. Erak when he went to raid the town guessed that it would probably contain a garrison of about 40 men. But when he arrived he was met by over 100 bow and saber armed Arridi Guard and the Wakir, Selethen.


Al Shabah is located on the very entrance of the Constant Sea on the Southern Peninsula.