Abelard is Halt O'Carrick's Ranger Horse.

Description Edit

At three years old, he is described as a dapple gray horse[1]. As grey is not a color in horses, but rather a gene that causes the horse's coat to lose pigment over time, Abelard's coat color would likely fluctuate over time, eventually becoming a solid white.

His eyes are described as being "dark,"[1] implying them to be a deep brown.

Like all ranger horses, he was bred for stamina and intelligence. Abelard also shares their typical shaggy coat and barrel-like body[2], as well as their short and shaggy mane[3].

History Edit

Abelard was bred by Bob Saddler I, at Saddler's farm. He was likely trained by the both Bob and his wife, Robina.

When Halt first arrived at the farm, Abelard was one of four three year old horses available[1]. Being the same age, he was likely trained in tandem with them.

In The Books Edit

The Tournament at Gorlan Edit

Abelard and Halt's first meeting is detailed about halfway through the book. Until this point, Halt had been using Declan as his primary mount. Bob shows him a selection of four horses, all three years old. Like most Rangers, Halt is initially thrown off of Abelard after neglecting to ask about his code phrase.

After this encounter, Halt and Abelard begin to practice shooting while at full gallop, a particularly difficult feat. The Rangers continue on their quest, now travelling to Seacliff Fief in order to recruit Egon. Continuing on to Redmont, they run into Norris, and then are later joined by Samdash and his group.

Halt and Crowley, and thus Abelard and Cropper, travel to Castle Redmont, meeting with Baron Arald and recruiting Farrel into their group. Heading to Castle Wildriver, Pritchard decided to accompany them on their quest as well. Once Duncan was rescued, they continued on to the Gorlan Fief. They stay near Castle Gorlan for the remainder of the book, possibly being stabled alongside Baron Arald's horses.

The Battle of Hackham Heath Edit

Halt and Crowley begin at Castle Gorlan, overseeing the demolition process of the former fief. Upon completing their tasks, the pair return to Araluen Fief for the marriage of King Duncan and Queen Rosalind.

Halt and Abelard are then transferred to Redmont Fief. They regularly accompany Arald and Pauline DuLacy on trips to Castle Araluen. After one such trip, Halt and Abelard are sent to Three Step Pass. While Halt scales the plateau, Abelard remains on the ground below.

Returning successful, the pair return to Araluen Fief with new information on the Wargals. After spending some time as Commandant, Halt joins the other Rangers as they marched away from Castle Araluen, heading to Ashdown Cut. After the brief skirmish there, the army pulled back to Hackham Heath for the final confrontation.

In a stroke of brilliance, Halt and Abelard took what cavalry they had left and attacked Morgarath's forces from behind. In the aftermath of the battle, Halt led the troops through the abandoned camp, following the retreating wargals.

The Ruins of Gorlan Edit

Abelard is first introduced alongside Will Treaty's pony, Tug[4]. Explaining why Ranger Horses cannot be stolen, Halt tells Will Abelard's code phrase, permettez moi[5]. The two accompany their owners throughout the rest of the book, carrying them throughout the boar hunt, trip to the gathering grounds, and tracking of the Kalkara. His location during the battle with the Kalkara is not mentioned, implying that Halt left him nearby, hoping to save him from the creatures.

The Burning Bridge Edit

Abelard continues his passive presence, aiding Halt during the Wargal attack. When Gilan arrives at the cabin, Abelard calls out a greeting to Blaze[6]. While Will was on a mission, Halt and Abelard travel to Cobram Keep with Alyss.

As Halt was present at the King's Army, Abelard would have been there as well, staying close to his master. The two later took half of the Kingdom's forces and ambushed the Skandia forces, successfully defeating them. They then return to the army's command center[7], where they remain until the end of the battle.

Once the battle has concluded, the two set out searching for Will. Halt is told his location by Nordal[8], and the pair race to the fens. However, they arrive too late. The Skandians were already leaving, taking Will and Cassandra with them. And although they tried to follow, even going so far as to charge into the sea itself[9], they ultimately fail to reach them.

The Icebound Land Edit

At the beginning of the book, Halt, and therefore Abelard, are busy with missions hunting down Foldar impersonators[10]. After being denied an audience with the King to make an appeal to go after Will[11], Halt purposely gets himself banished[12], taking Abelard and Tug with him[12]. The three depart for Gallica, later being joined by Horace Altman riding Kicker[13].

Once landing in Gallica, Horace quickly gains a reputation by easily dispatching would-be robbers. This gains the attention of a local warlord, Lord Deparnieux, who takes them hostage. He keeps them in his castle over winter, and although not mentioned, the three horses likely lived in the stables for the duration of the stay. Abelard and Kicker made brief appearances during training sessions, but otherwise did not appear again until the battle with Deparnieux. 

One he was killed, the group set out again, this time heading for Skandia.

Oakleaf Bearers Edit

Finally reaching Skandia, the party comes across the slaughtered Skandian border patrol[14]. Deducing that the Temujai were at fault[15], they decided to follow their tracks, eventually stumbling across not only the Temujai search party, but also Will and Cassandra. Although originally planning to immediately return to Araluen, they run into a party of Skandians following them, led by Erak Starfollower

Having come across the remains of the border patrol as well, the Skandians followed their tracks, assuming they were the ones responsible. Reluctantly, the Araluens agreed to travel to Hallasholm and support the Skandians during the Temujai invasion. Much like in The Icebound Land, Abelard features very little hence forth, instead likely spending his days in the stables until the final battle.

Once the Temujai have been defeated, the Skandians transport the group back to Araluen on a wolfship, The Wolfwind, keeping the horses below deck. 

The Sorcerer in the North Edit

Abelard is only mentioned a few times in The Sorcerer of the North, mostly when Will is first receiving his mission, asking about his location[16]. Halt is later mentioned to be at Castle Araluen with Crowley, indicating the same to be true of Abelard.

The Siege of Macindaw Edit

Although Abelard is never directly mentioned, Halt and Crowley meet once again at the Gathering Grounds to discuss Will's mission, bringing their horses with them.

Erak's Ransom Edit

During the opening of the book, Abelard is at Castle Redmont while Halt and Pauline plan and put into motion their wedding. However, once Svengal arrives with news of Erak's capture, he--along with Tug, Blaze, and Kicker--are loaded onto the Wolfwind, setting sail for Arrida. The horses remain upon the boat until the group sets out for Mararoc.

As per usual, each horse stay with their master. Despite the unfamiliar landscape, the horses seemed to adjust fairly well. Abelard remained calm during the sandstorm, unlike Tug, who panicked and became lost.

With the exception of Will, who went after Tug, the group eventually came across the remains of Erak's escort. Although Selethen was initially suspicious of the Araluens, he soon realizes his mistake and they join forces to track down the responsible Tualaghi.

The mission goes awry, however, and the party is captured. It's unclear what the Tualaghi do with the horses, as they aren't allowed to ride them. It can be assumed that they at least held onto the horses, perhaps using them as pack animals, as they appear once again as the party stays with the Bedullin tribe.

The Kings of Clonmel Edit

Halt and Abelard start in the village of Selsey, exposing the Outsiders cult for the scam it was. Despite initially being corned by a group of the Outsiders, they're eventually successful and return to Redmont with Farrell as a prisoner. 

Upon their return, Halt informs the Corps of the Outsiders' return. After hearing his report, Crowley sends him, along with Horace and Will, to Hibernia to break the Outsiders' influence. Traveling to Craikennis, the group are shocked by the Outsiders affect, with the people living in constant fear of attack, and most being aggressive toward unknown travelers. 

Continuing on to Mountshannon, Halt and Horace meet Tennyson, the leader of the Outsiders. Once Will returns with news of the plan to attack Craikennis, they depart, returning to the smaller town. There, they warn the villagers and set up camp nearby. They successfully help defeat the Outsider forces, leaving once again, this time heading for Dun Kilty

Once again, Abelard and the other horses appear very little during this period, perhaps living in either the Castle stables or at a nearby inn.

After King Ferris' assassination, the team sets out once more, trailing the fleeing Outsiders. 

Halt's Peril Edit

After Will's initial failure at interrogating Black O'Malley at Port Cael, Halt steps in and successfully extract's the Outsiders' location. They set off for Craiskill River sinking O'Malleys ship, Claw, when he tries to attack them.  

After landing, they head south, deducing the Outsiders would be heading for Araluen. They pick up their trail, finding evidence ranging from a lost button to the remains of a farm they targeted. While travelling through One Raven Pass, they pick up the trail of a Scotti raiding party heading into Araluen. Deciding to make a detour, the group outpaces the raiding party and successfully drives them off.  

Returning to their previous course of action, the group are quickly discovered by the Genovesans, who in turn report their presence to Tennyson. Acting on his orders, they lay a trap for the group, successfully injuring Halt. Although they initially assume he is fine, they quickly realize he was hit with a poisoned arrow, and even Abelard seems to be aware that something was wrong.  

When his health takes a turn for the worse, Will takes the three horses and rides to Grimsdell Forest to appeal to Malcolm for help. The healer agrees, and they return to the camp immediately.  

After forcing the cure out of Bacari and disposing of him, Halt begins to make a swift recovery and the group soon sets off after the cult once again. Eventually tracking them down to find them leading their followers into the caves. The horses are left outside while the humans goes inside for the final confrontation. 

When the cave system is collapsed, they group escorts Malcolm back to Healer's Clearing before finally returning to Castle Redmont. 

The Emperor of Nihon-Ja Edit

Unlike in other books, Abelard doesn't appear during the story. According to Will, the Rangers had left their horses in Araluen, as they were only supposed to be in Toscana for ten days[17]

The Lost Stories Edit

Death of a Hero Edit

Abelard appears once again as Halt's primary mode of transportation. He carries him during the Battle of Hackham Heath, as well as during the aftermath, following Kord and Jerrel. He presumably carried Halt and an infant Will Treaty back to Castle Redmont's Ward.

The Roamers Edit

While dealing with the pirates, Halt and Will had left their horses stabled at Claradon[18]. As they rode back through Wensley Village, they were stopped by Alyss, bringing news of Ebony's disappearance. While Will and Tug went after her, Halt and Abelard presumably took over Ranger duties.

Purple Prose Edit

Abelard is mentioned by name few times in Purple Prose, but accompanies Halt, Will, and Tug as they travel to take down the Moondarkers.

The Bridal Dance Edit

Only briefly mentioned, Abelard brought Halt to Will's cabin. The two later trail a mail coach, to little avail, and return back to the cabin. And as Halt was at the Royal Wedding, it can be assumed Abelard was in Redmont's stables.

The Royal Ranger Edit

Once again only appearing briefly, Abelard is only mentioned when he takes Halt to Castle Araluen.

References Edit

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